Sunday, September 6, 2015

Summer time, some time before that, and some time after too

It is now September, and while many of you know that this month is significant for me (and no, not just because it's my birthday month), it is also brings about it the conclusion of an interesting summer.

This summer brought with it some challenges.  These challenges, as some ring too personal to mention, are now coming to a close (hopefully) very soon.  I am optimistic about how things will turn out this month as it progresses.

The challenges have caused me to post some obscure and vague blog posts, hence why I haven't really posted anything of substance since April.

However, many parts of this summer, and spring since I'm still talking about April, have been very good to me, which remind me that I should have no real cause for complaints.

This May, my little brother graduated college!  A great feat for him and my family.  Congratulations Scott on your great achievement!
the proud family waiting in the stands

congrats to this kid

As another school year ended, I later realized that I was reaching the start of year five at my job, meaning it had been four years since my adventures in Korea.  That's crazy to me, however, I am highly appreciative still of all the great people I met there and the fact that we still keep in contact through our journeys.

The summer started off with my friend Gina marrying Johnny, her super duper long time partner in crime.  It was great to see them tie the knot and to also see a lot of my post-college familiar faces.

As an active member of the Internet world via social networks, blogs and video posts, there are certain people from the viral world whose body of work I admire, and iJustine is definitely one of them.  During her book tour (a great read that I completely recommend), I got to meet her and her up-and-coming vlogging sister Jenna too!  I was really stoked to meet someone whose technological insight, alongside a very personable demeanor, I truly admire.  In the world of blogs and YouTube, she is definitely one of my go-tos and the fact that I met her and got her to sign my book was something unforgettable.
Thanks iJustine for the best autograph ever!

Tech nerds unite

Jenna Ezarik, a great personality in her own right too

I had been to Spain in the Spring, and because summer tends to be an extremely busy time for me at work, it's harder than you would think for me to get away.  In lieu of not going anywhere too far this summer, I committed to a Disney Resort pass for a year.  It has been the greatest stay-cation investment I have made, made even better by the fact that many people I love to hang out with have one too.

Thanks to my friends, Mickey, and his friends, for the awesome times

The theme-park-ness continued at Universal this summer too with the family :-)

My brethren and I

I then took it upon myself to (yet again) start a new blog.  Whilst this one will be more for my own reflecting, and while I do have some professional ones floating about out there, I wanted one that spoke to my main interest, technology.  If you have a moment, take a look at theosctech website and see what that new venture of mine is about.

Enjoying LA is always great fun, but me being me, I had to get out, even for a short while, so I was greatful that my friends Pati and Nick joined me on a trip to Vegas.  From zip lines, to pool sides, to a Michael Jackson show, I always know how to have fun with those guys.  Of course it wasn't complete without a car towing story from Victorville back to our beloved South Bay.

More than ever grateful to have these two as friends

An LA summer wouldn't be complete without Angelino activities such as the Hollywood and its Mariachi Fest and a good ol' Dodgers game
Mariachi Fest 2015

Dodgers versus Angels, and of course, we won!

The summer then ended with a San Diego trip for the wedding of Pam and Jack sea side.  Congrats to these two who are now enjoying the Hawaiian sun.

I cannot enter Pumpkin Spice Latte season and it definitely wouldn't be a summer without my races!  Keeping true to my "a race a month" word still.  In fact, I have the Dodgers 10k coming up in a week that I'm really looking forward to.

April, (though not an actual race)- Walk Now for Autism Speaks

May, Cinco de Mayo Tacos and Beer Run 5K

June, LA Galaxy 5K

July, Cheetah Runners Long Beach 4th of July 5K

August, OC Fair Fun Run 5K

With all these racing updates, I am also announcing my first half marathon.  I am excited as I am nervous about it.  However, it is definitely a challenge I want under my belt and want to meet head on.

Observing Labor Day weekend has allowed me update my blogs, but most of all enjoy those around me.

I want to end this by saying that looking back and realizing as I write this blog, how blessed I am.

Also, LA rocks!

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