Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Thank You

As a major holiday approaches next week, this November and now (finally) shifting fall weather in LA symbols a few things in my mind.

First off, my dad's birthday is tomorrow, hoorah!  My dad is a great hardworking man who is many things from my oil change guru to my cocktail instigator.  He is a dedicated guy who has come a long way in his life.

However, this day last year had a different tone to it.  It is also the anniversary of when I lost a car, and was in my first accident.  Yes, this accident happened on my way to my dad's birthday dinner.  Need a reminder? Read about it here:

Finally, Thanksgiving is next week.  I'm running a 5K called the Turkey Trot in DTLA in the morning with my friends and then joining my family for dinner after.  So it looks like I'm doing the whole eating/exercise pattern backwards next Thursday.  I've been working out leading up to it and feeling great.  Should be a fun experience.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving family and friends and I hope you all have plenty to be thankful for and appreciate it.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

November Rennaisance

Amidst the excuses one can have for not posting a blog online, mine has been postponed due to the October I've had.  I figured the start on November would be a good time for a new post.  This October was really trying, as stressful as ever trying.  But now that it has ended, and I attest it to what I found out this weekend was Mercury being out of order or just things in general being out of order.

At the same time and I look back and see that the bad seeds of the last month or so are focused.  But it is that they were so extremely focused that they felt stressful beyond measurable scales.

However, since the last blog post, I've had some highlights that I plan to remember as events that will overshadow the shadows of the last 30-ish days.

First off, I had a milestone birthday, and enjoyed it in Temecula with close family and friends.

One of the awesome gifts I got was visiting the WB Studios and yes, that's me in Central Perk for Friends

The start of fall also included seeing friends from my travels, I always enjoy getting together with them.

My twin nephews are now also a year old!!!! That's insane to me.  I feel like they just got home from the hospital last week.

Dressing up is fun too, including our Star Wars night, Halloween and Dia de los Muertos:

With the note of Dia de Los Muertos is something I am observing this weekend, alongside others.  This day signifies remembering what is gone on a positive note and celebrating your life.  I'll keep that in mind.

Happy November.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Transition Mission

One of the most common terms I heard this summer is transition.  This time it's taken on a whole new meaning.  It's Labor Day weekend, which means it is the end of summer.  School at my workplace began about two weeks ago, and that's been its own transition as it always is.  I have one coworker who is ready to give birth any minute, so it'll be a huge transition for her, as well as how we in the English department interact with her soon-to-be absence for a brief period of time.  Work-wise, I also have my own transition, this one came with a position.  As stated before, the news of my transition was news that was heard the wrong way and ultimately lost in translation.  However, now that the hustle of work has taken place and systems have come into play, things have certainly simmered down when it has come to that topic.  It is better.

My sister texted me the other day and was hashing out what she plans to do for my twin nephews' first birthday celebration.  Those texted hit me like a truck.  First birthday?  They've been alive for a year?  When did that happen?  Time flew with a quickness.

On that note, I also hit a transitional birthday this year.  Planning with my friends has been quite the planning committee-style meeting situation, but I think we will be satisfied with our end result.  Should be an interesting end of year as I hit this milestone, stay tuned.

The end of summer is now calendared and I must say, that even though I wasn't able to get away as much as I had initially hoped, I still got to do some interesting and fun things:

Catalina Island, included some unsuccessful paddle-boarding, but resulted in successful kayaking

Long Beach Red Bus Tour

Finally made it to the Grand Canyon (I have some common American staples I have yet to see, but was able to cross this one off the list)

I'm ready to have fall bring whatever it needs to bring.  My mission, to keep enjoying the things that keep on coming.

Speaking of transitions, I feel for the transition a family at my workplace will now have to face.  Rest in peace Danny, you're in a better place.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Lost in Translation

While this month brought with it a new transition, I was ready to disown it.  I learned in the first week of a new position that when people talk, which you cannot avoid because we all do it, things get majorly misconstrued in the chain of communication. The days of playing Telephone after a heated game of Duck-Duck-Goose when you're five still happens but on a different level.  In this case, the level of career orientation.

I said something one way, someone heard it in their ear another way, and it stung the wrong person with another ear in an even more wrong way who heard it secondhand.  This caused a chain reaction of events that affected my whole week, and frankly had me on pins and needles on how my dynamic with some individuals would be for the next year.

After many (and I mean many) discussions and meetings, everything has been smoothed over, so my position and I are now okay.  However anxious I was about the messages that got delivered, I will say that I learned much from it.  One thing I learned was that people need a lot of coaching in order to shift their thinking. When things change, and there are many transitions happening, we get blocked by old, and maybe even antiquated, ways of thinking.  It takes a lot of clarity and drawing the big picture in detail in order for the purpose of the transition and what it means to get across.  Next, I learned to mind my p's and q's. Something that I thought was harmless to say got seen in a light I didn't imagine.  Not that I said anything wrong, it's just that, again, it hit someone's ear the wrong way.  I guess you just never know that even something simple will hit someone like a ton of bricks.  Lastly, I learned news travels fast. Well that's not news, but a good and cold  reality reminder.  

Should be an interesting year, the first week was a blast...not.